Sunday, February 27, 2011

Festival of the Trees - February 27 - The Bamboo Plant - Tree

The Bamboo.  The amazing tree-like plant for the Festival of the Trees.

While walking in the Leu Botanical Gardens in Orlando this week, I came upon this bamboo  The bambo plants are all standing close together in various shades of green; the nodes are swelling getting ready to sprout.

The bamboo is in a family called Poaceae.  Plants in this family are called true grasses; bamboo, a tree-like plant is in this family.  Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the earth.  
There are three native bambo plants to America.  The majority of bambo is native to Southeast Asia and Latin America.  If you ever want to grow your own bambo, it is most important to only plant native bambo that is native to where you live.   This is so that the animals, the birds, and insects will always have their native food and habitats.  Biodiversity is what will keep our ecosystems healthy.  By planting such a prolifically- growing plant, that is not native, one may lose the native species and thus, the native wildlife.

Bamboo can be used in so many ways. I was reading about bicycles, boats, and fabrics all made from bamboo. Bamboo grows fast and does not need pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Bambo is very efficient at cleaning air and water, even more so than trees.  I am going to start wearing bambo in honor of this tree-like plant that cleans so much of our air and water.



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