Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 3 - The Fig Tree - Ficus carica

February 3 - The Fig Tree

The Fig Tree is the "A Year With the Trees" tree for Feb. 3, May 3, August 3, and November 3.  You can read more about this tree by clicking on Ficus carica and also on ficus on the left under "labels."

This Fig Tree lives at the Thomas Edison Estates in Florida.  I was there in January and found the Edison estates to be so amazing.  What an incredible individual.  Did you know that he had 1,093 successful U.S. patent applications????  amazing.....As a chemist, I am totally into this fact....

There are beautiful trees everywhere.  You see, he was going to make rubber from trees other than rubber trees, and he did extensive tree planting and research on that subject.  He also loved edible trees...I did read that he planted the fig trees in a place that he could not see from his house for he thought they were, well to put it nicely.....unattractive....that is one point that I disagree with Mr. T.  on.

I do recommend visiting the Thomas Edison estates in Ft. Myers, Florida.
Perhaps Mr. T. was also a Lorax relative, like me....

This tree always reminds me to add a bit of the sweetness to our lives by smiling or passing on a kind word at each person/animal/plant you come across during your day and night. Who knows the effect a smile or just one kind word might have on another life.



Happy Birthday Rheta W.!!!

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