Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Naturalist Journey

A Naturalist Journey

A few weeks ago, an online auction was held in support of my daughter and son-in-law.  My son-in-law is in treatment for his pancreatic cancer.  We are so grateful for the support of all of our friends and family who participated in this auction and those who are sending prayers and good thoughts for Ryan, Brooke and Harper.

I donated a Naturalist Journey and was honored when one of our friends, bid and won this Journey. 

Here is a link to my Naturalist Journey as listed in the online auction.

If anyone else would like to experience this Journey,  I would be honored to come to your place and and create your own Naturalist's journey.   I will donate what you pay for your journey to Ryan and Brooke, to assist them with costs associated with Ryan's pancreatic cancer treatment.

"A Naturalist Journey - Location of your Choice!
with Naturalist Becky Priddy
I am offering a nature journey of the place you call home or a place in nature you connect with.
I will come to your home or place to be in nature and walk the land with you.
We will create a journal by observation, journaling and drawing.
We will observe the trees, the birds, the flowers, and the insects that share the land with you.
3 to 4 hours of observing, identifying, drawing, photographing, and journaling.
You can have 1 to 6 people included and children of all ages are welcome.
You will receive your nature journal in the mail within two weeks after we meet.
The journal will be yours to add entries to in the days ahead.
Cost:  $300.00, for the Asheville area.
Negotiable, if out of the area.
I am a naturalist certified by the North Carolina Environmental Educators
as well as the Great Smokey Mountains Tremont Institute."

Please contact me by email and we will plan your own Naturalist Journey.

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