Monday, September 29, 2014

Finding the signs of Fall

On my walk today, I was looking for signs of Fall.  Everyone to go outside and look for at least ten signs of Fall.  Please write to me and tell me what you find.  While you are looking for the signs of Fall, use all of your senses; get into the moment and really listen, smell, look, feel, and taste.  Here are the signs of fall that I experienced.

1st sign of fall, yellowing leaves on the Yellow Birch tree.
Yellow Birch
2nd sign of fall, red berries on the dogwood trees.
Dogwood Tree
3rd sign of fall, yellow leaves on the Frasier Magnolia tree
Fraser Magnolia
4th sign of fall, Basswood leaves getting lacey holes in the leaves.
Basswood Tree leaves
5th sign of fall, Devils Walking Stick tree changing colors.
Devil's walking stick changing colors
6th sign of fall, Dahlias in bloom.
Dahlia in bloom
Dahlia in Bloom
7th sign of fall, Yellow fall wildflowers are everywhere.

8th sign of fall, A big blue Carolina sky.

My 9th sign of fall, listening to the fall insects singing.

My 10th sign of fall, was the feel of coolness in the air.

You know life happens every day, time ticks by second by second.  We get so busy at work and school and home.  Take time from your day and notice what is happening around you in nature.
Parents, I challenge you to take your kids outside and sit with them on the earth, walk in the woods, walk down the street in your neighborhood.  Get outside and notice what is happening all around you. Ask your kids to notice ten changes that are happening in nature as our season is changing to fall.

Write to me and tell me the changes you observe.

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