Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Year With the Trees Walks Begin Now. Come and join me in exercise and observation.

The Mountain Ash Tree on the Blue Ridge Parkway in June.  
A Year With the Trees Walks Beginning Soon.  
Come and join me in exercise and nature observation.

We will walk two to three miles each way beginning at a public park.  At the end of the walks, you can join me in recording in your own journals, what we observed on the walk.  I will post our observations each day on this blog.  You can walk one mile and return if you are short on time or energy.  Or, you can walk the entire four to six miles.  You can point out the species as we go and I will as well.  At the end of the walk, we will look up the species in the books that I bring and make our observations in our journals.  So, bring your journal, some water, good walking shoes, a hat, and lets go get some exercise in nature.

I am starting this nature walk for three reasons:

One, as a way to complete the requirements for my teaching experiences for my North Carolina Environmental Education Certification Program.

Two, as a way to get in and stay fit while enjoying the out of doors.

Three, as a way to encourage others to be observant and learn all we can about nature.  For by knowing about other life, we will care more about protecting other life on our earth.

So come on out and join me for these nature walks.  You will get your exercise and learn more about nature every day.  You can find yourself learning the names of many Southern Appalachian trees,  flowers, butterflies, moths, and herbs.

The walks are scheduled for starting at Weaver Park in Asheville, North Carolina at 200 Murdock Ave.  There is no cost for this series of walk while I am completing my teaching experiences; just bring your energy and desire to learn more about nature.

July 3, Tuesday at 9 am
July 5, Thursday at 9am
July 7, Saturday at 9am
July 9, Monday at 9am
July 11, Wed. at 9am
July 13, Friday at 9am

Come join me as we walk about and observe nature in all her beauty!

A Summer Field of Daisys



  1. I would like to humbly request more weekend or evening walks. I will be out of town for the 7th. But I would love to come walk with you sometime!

  2. Thank you Carrie for your comment. I will add more evening and weekend walks soon for I would enjoy your coming out and walking with me.


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