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January 2012

A Year With the Trees - 2012

Box Elder drawing by R. Brooke Priddy

"And now let us welcome the new year; full of things that have never been."  Rainer Maria Rilke

A Year With the Trees is changing.  The 93 trees of "A Year With the Trees have become a big part of my life.  For the past two years, I sought each one of these trees, found them and sat with them.  I have looked into their branches, looked closely at the veins in the leaves, at the branching, at the bark, at the land each of these trees lives in, and at the birds that live in the branches.   I watched the bared branches of winter sprout new green growth in the spring.  I watched the fullness of summer life that lives in the trees, and watched how summer turned into fall with the changing color.  I watched as the gold, brown, red and yellow leaves fell to the ground.  I have seen the branches laid bare once again awaiting new growth in the spring.

I visited these 93 trees for two years in every season, and I still have so much more to learn about them.  These trees have been such a blessing to me.  For to be able to walk in the woods, or down the street, or in a park and be able to look at the trees in each season and know their name, has been such a rewarding experience for me.

I have gained such an appreciation for our arboreal friends.  I know that life as we know it would not exist without these incredible beings.  We, as humans, can breathe clean air and drink clean water because we live on the same planet with trees.  Our soil does not erode where trees live.  Birds and small mammals and moths and butterflies live with us because we live on the same planet with trees.

I believe that when one has an appreciation and gratitude for trees, one will naturally be led to treasure and protect the trees.  So, I plan to nurture  Priddy Woods, where I live, as an arboretum and teach tree appreciation and identification classes - using journals.  I am starting with the Southern Appalachian trees - the very trees that I have been getting to know for the past two years.

This blog is changing to reflect my "Year With the Trees" Journalling classes.  I hope you will join me here, or in my classes and really get close to the trees.

These 93 trees will be grouped into families this year.  I will be letting you all know where you can find each  tree.  Then, you will be able to find each and every tree and sit with the trees yourself.

Drawing by Rebecca Priddy

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  1. Look forward to learning and sharing so much through your words and drawings - especially keen on elms, my chosen tree this year.
    Belated Happy 2012 to you Rebecca


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