Friday, February 12, 2016

February 12th - Shagbark Hickory

Shagbark Hickory - Carya Ovata

Shagbark Hickory, Carya ovata
This is the tree for today, February 12th.

This tree reminds me to let go of all that we do not need.  Just look how this tree is so shreddy in the bark.  (I like that work, shreddy, even if I do not think it is in any dictionary.)

This bark is why I am reminded to just let go.  Imagine going through life free of all the baggage we do not need.  Freeing, right?  I had coworkers that would walk in free handed without bags of stuff all over their arms.  Then there was me, a back pack, a lunch bag, a purse, a coat, hat, gloves, oh and the extra boots too!  Those co workers that just walked into work, free style, that is really the way to be in this life.  Free.

If this is your birthday, this is your tree.  So embrace the feeling of being free.  Imagine walking up a mountain dragging all of life's debris vs walking up that mountain free and breezy.

This lesson is for me for sure.  May I not be such a bag carrying lady tomorrow.


Shagbark Hickory in the wintertime?  Just look for that bark!


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