Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer trees and flowers and acorns

Chestnut Oak, Quercus prinus, Quercus montana
Summer trees are so green and lush and filled with life.  Some are filled with flowers and some are growing their new acorns.  Most trees are hosting a wide many kinds of insects and birds and squirrels; you know this by all the sounds that are heard this time of year.  This is absolutely one of most favorite times of year because of all the colors and flowers and smells and sounds!   A very beautiful Chestnut Oak is right outside my window where I am sitting right now.  It is filled with mature deep green leaves that are drinking in the summer rain. There are many new acorns growing in the tree that are a light green color.  A downy woodpecker just stopped by for a visit to the Chestnut Oak as well as several titmice and chickadees.  Oh, do I love summer in the trees.

A bit of news here:
I am cancelling the class on August 2nd at the Botanical Gardens of Asheville,  I went back to work full time and have to plan future classes on days that I am not scheduled to be at work.

I will keep you posted on future classes.  Meanwhile, I will be keeping up with the tree measurements and adding the trees to the Asheville tree map.

I will also keep posting about the Southern appalachian trees on this blog as well as editing my book, more info on that later.

Here are a few more images I recently photographed that illustrate another reason just why I love summer so very much.

Get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature this summer.  Each day is a true blessing to be alive; so take it all in.  Notice your surroundings, take a deep breath and be in the moment - a summer moment.

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  1. Nice flowers Rebecca, I see a bee on the cone flower and we seem to have bees on ours also often. Keep up the good work.