Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Yellow Buckeye Tree

On May 17th, 2014, at the Botanical Gardens of Asheville, I led a tree walk.  My goals for the tree walks are to encourage people to get to really know the trees of the Southern Appalachian Mountains as well as to respect and appreciate them.  Getting to know the trees by observation and note taking in all four seasons is how I got to know the trees. So, that is the way I teach others to get to know the trees.

Journalling in a tree checklist is what we did that day.  We stopped and observed 20+ trees that day.  It was the first publication of my tree checklist. 

I got feedback from those that were at the tree walk; I also discovered some corrections that need to be made.  So a second edition is in the works and will be offered to the participants of my next tree walk to be held August 2nd at the Botanical Gardens of Asheville.

If you are going to be in the Asheville area on August 2nd, I invite you to sign up at the Botanical Gardens and come observe 20 more trees.
The Botanical Gardens offers other nature classes; so check them out as well.

Yellow Buckeye, Aesculus flava, The Botanical Gardens at Asheville

The Yellow Buckeye tree was the sixth tree we observed on the Tree walk at the Botanical Gardens of Asheville on May 17th. This tree lives on the service road next to Sunshine meadow.  We were in the right place at the right time when we observed the flowers in full bloom!

Check out the other Yellow Buckeye photos by clicking on the name of the tree in the Right sidebar. 

I went back this past Sunday and did measurements with my daughter, Brooke.  You can find our measurements at:  
This Yellow Buckeye is one of my favorite trees.  It was 86 inches in circumference!  The small fruits are now growing and the wild strawberrys at the base of the tree are so beautiful@

Yellow Buckeye, Aesculus flava, The Botanical Gardens at Asheville
I will be back and measuring more trees on June 29th at 2pm.  If you want to participate as a citizen scientist to help build the Asheville Tree Map, come out and join me.

more later, have fun and enjoy nature this June while so many plants are out there blooming.


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