Saturday, November 2, 2013

Velvet Ash or Green Ash?

Hi from Ft. Davis, Texas.

This incredibly beautiful tree amazed me with it's color.  So, while driving to the McDonald Observatory, I asked my husband, Robert, to pull over so we could photograph it.   I am on the quest to determine what it is.  I am torn between velvet ash or green ash.

My clues are yellow fall leaves, dark bark that looks diamond shaped.  The leaves appear soft and velvety.
I think I am going with it being the Velvet Ash tree.

The fall color is yellow.

The bark was dark and deeply ridged into diamond-like shapes.

The leaf is soft and almost velvety on the underside.  This image was so dreamy like I had to include it.
Enjoy the fall colors where ever you may be.

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