Saturday, September 28, 2013

Forest beauty in late September

These photos are a sampling of what our forests are looking like in late September in Western North Carolina.
The bright red fruits of the American Ash are in full display at the higher elevations. This Mountain Ash lives at over 5,000 feet on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
The Black Birch is beginning to change to brilliant yellow.
The Catawba Rhodo is beginning to turn some of her leaves to yellow.
The Fraser Magnolia has already placed her fruits and some leaves on the forest floor.  The leaves not on the forest floor are beginning to look a little chewed.  There are so many late summer insects eating their fill.  Be sure to open those windows and go outside and listen to the insect music.

Black Birch starting to turn yellow in late September
Fraser Magnolia on the Forest Floor in late September

Black Birch Bark

Catawba Rhododendron' in late September 

Fraser Magnolia leaves in late September
American Mountain Ash in late September

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  1. These are just gorgeous shots and there is nothing, in my opinion more beautiful than a forest, any time or year.