Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tree Class at the Botanical Gardens of Asheville

Come and join me and Carol Parks as we lead our "Journalling in the Trees" Class
Register at the Botanical Gardens of Asheville
Sunday, August 4th -  2:00 - 3:30

What you can expect:

We are studying 8 different species of trees.  We are visiting these 8 different trees in each season and recording our observations in our journals. 

You are asked to bring a journal and make an entry at each and every tree.  It is best to the return to the trees often and keep recording in your journal at each visit.  This way you can observe how each one of these trees changes during the year.  

The trees that I am sharing during the class are:

The Sourwood Tree
The American Beech
The Yellow Birch
The Yellow Buckeye

Carol has four trees that she is sharing.  Come and find out what these are!

Be sure to bring a journal and pencils and pens.

I hope the Sourwood will be in flower.  As I was driving on I-40 to work this week, I noticed the Sourwood in flower on the side of the interstate.  I imagine the bees are busy!!!

These are images I took of a Sourwood tree last year.  I am always in awe of the beauty of the Sourwood flowers.

This journalling class meets four times this year, once each season.  You can attend one or all four classes.  I hope you will come and experience journalling the trees.  This is the way I learned about all the 93 Southern Appalachian trees that are included in this blog.  As I journalled each tree four times a year,  I really did get to know these trees and enjoy sharing my love of nature with others. 

I hope to see you Sunday!

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