Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring at Buck Creek

Cornus florida, Flowering Dogwood.

The Dogwood and Silverbell Trees are in full bloom this week at Buck creek in McDowell County.  The new leaves of the American Beech have emerged from the buds.  The Whip-poor-will has been serenading us at night.  The Chimney Swifts are flying over the meadow all day long, feeding on flying insects.  The Swifts are drinking water in Buck creek as they fly.  The Chimney Swifts have flown here from South America to live here in the spring and summer and early fall to raise their families before flying back to South America in the late fall.  The Whip-poor-wills have come from Mexico and Florida to live here in the spring and summer.  These are always signs of spring for me, the Dogwoods and Silverbells in bloom, the Whip-poor-will serenade, the flying theatrics of the Chimney Swifts catching their food in flight, and the American Beech leaves opening.

My husband, Robert, just told me a story about seeing a Whip-poor-will in Florida in February in the Everglades.  He was in the swamps looking for pythons at night, for the pythons are known to move to the warm roads which retain their day-time heat long into the night.  So, he and his friend, Ross, are driving down the roads in the Everglades looks for Pythons to photograph, when they heard the Whip-poor-will.  They stopped and saw the bird and took his photo. Robert says he will give me the photo to post when we get home this weekend.  If that happens, I will post it here.  I am also going to ask him to take the photo of the the Chimney Swift as well.  I hope that happens.  More later on that.

So if you can find the time, go find the blooming dogwoods and silverbells.  Listen for the Whip-poor-will and watch for the aerial feeding Chimney Swifts.    Enjoy!!!  Life is rich and full.

Silverbell tree flowers,  Halesia carolina

Fagus grandifolia, American Beech

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