Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Walking in July

On July 2nd, I went for a walk in Asheville from Weaver Park, to Glenn's Creek through UNC Asheville and the Botanical Gardens.  The walk was 4 miles and the morning was beautiful.  

I saw
Wood Tickseed
White Snakeroot
Joe Pyeweed
Sourwood in bloom
Ox Eye Daisy
Queen Anne's Lace
Butterfly Weed full of orange flowers
Chicory flowers
Tulip Tree flower buds growing
White Yarrow flowers
Yellow Buckeye starting the new buckeye crop
River Birch in full summer peel and green summer leaves
New Redbud pods
Striped Maple in summer leaves
A white flower I do not know...
A Tall Summer Phlox
Cardinal Flower all red and tall
Crimson Bee Balm
Bitternut Hickory .
What a summer's morning!

Tomorrow, July 5th, join me at 9am at Weaver Park for another beautiful fitness nature walk.  We will identify trees and flowers together.  My sister, Nancy, will be joining me.  


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