Friday, July 6, 2012

On July 5th I went walking....

On July 5th, I went for a walk in Asheville from Weaver Park, to Glenn's Creek
 through UNC Asheville
 and the Botanical Gardens.
  The walk was 4 miles and the morning was beautiful and my precious sister was with me.

We saw

Silver Maple
Tulip Poplar
River Birch
Milk Weed
Fire Pink flowers
Pink flower I need to identify
and a
Yellow flower I need to identify

What a summer's morning!

Everyday that we go on a "Year With the Trees" Nature/Fitness walks, we will identify and talk about five trees and five flowers.  I will be putting the trees and flowers on this blog each day we walk.

Enjoy and have fun learning about the trees and flowers.  Come out and walk with me tommorrow, July 7th, at 9am at Weaver Park in Asheville.



  1. The yellow flower looks like an evening primrose.

  2. Thank you!!! I just looked at evening primrose and I agree. I appreciate your help!!!


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