Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Walk in the Woods on an April morning...

The RedBud Tree growing new pods in April

Photo by Robert Priddy.
The temperature is cool this morning, around 48 F.  The sky is crystal clear and blue.  The trees are mostly leafed out in their new leaves.  The birds are singing, swimming, and flying all around us; we have counted 24 species so far.
Photo by Robert Priddy.
The river is sparkling with sunshine on the surface of the water.  Small insects are flying all around the river while the chimney swifts and barn swallows are flying fast so they can catch a meal of what I have heard named "arial planton."  I read that a single chimney swift can eat up to 1000 small flying insects per day.

White Ash Tree
Fraxinus americana
The Redbud tree is growing the new pods, that Ash tree is growing the new keys.

The eagle is feeding her pips.   The herons are chattering and feeding their young.

Great Blue Herons
Photo by Robert Priddy.
American Bald Eagle and Pips
Photo by Robert Priddy.

It is one of those days that I am glad to be just where I am.  May we all have days in our lives that we are glad to be just where we are.

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