Sunday, April 1, 2012

Birds and Trees and new spring grasses on a Saturday in March

The Redbud Tree with newly opening heart-shaped leaves.

Today I went to the nature trail on the White River at Gastons' Resort in Arkansas.  I was infatuated by all the many birds I heard singing and saw flying in the trees.   The highlight of my walk was watching these three mature eagles taking care of the little pips in the nest.

Three mature eagles taking care of the pips in the eagle nest; and
 a Great Blue Heron on the nest in the Sycamore tree.

All these different birds shared the day with me while walking on the nature trail along the river.

Brown headed cow birds
Great Blue Herons
Canadian Geese
The Red Headed Woodpecker
The Red-bellied Woodpecker
The Hairy Woodpecker
The American Eagles
Mourning Doves

The Great American Eagle
The Mourning Dove

The Brown Headed Cow Bird

The spring leaves were opening on many of the trees.  See how many of these trees species you can name.  Leave me a comment with your answer!

Enjoy your spring!!!

The light shining into and through the new spring grass signifies spring has arrived.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am gonna take a crack at your tree quiz.
    1 Ulmus alata
    2 Quercus rubra (or any number of other red oaks)
    3 Fraxinus pennsylvanica
    4 Juglans cinerea
    5 Sassafras albidum

    1. Nat, Thank you for answering my tree quiz. You are 100 percent right on all trees!!! You know your trees!!! Isn't it just great to walk by a tree and be able to say the tree's name?