Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cornaceae - Dogwood Family

The Flowering Dogwood Tree at Bull Shoal Lake in March
The Cornaceae Family has three species that I like to visit and watch how they change throughout the season.  My favorite three are:
The Alternate leaf Dogwood - Cornus alternifolia
The Flowering Dogwood - Cornus florida and
The Black Gum Tree- Nyssa sylvatica

You can tell these are all the same family for they all have some common characteristics, like:

Bark with little blocky square-like parts,
Usually opposite or whorled leaves,
conspicuous veins in the leaves that run upwards,
the flowers are small and in a cluster,
and the fruit is a drupe.

The Dogwood is blooming this week in Arkansas.  I was happy to get to see many flowering dogwoods this week at Bull Shoals lake and also at Norfork lake near Mountain Home, Arkansas.  I wish you all many beautiful Dogwood tree viewings this spring while the flowers are on the trees.

The Flowering Dogwood in March at Norfork Lake

The Bark of the Black Gum Tree.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I am especially amazed at how close you appear to have been able to get to that eagles' nest, as well as the wonderful photo of that solitary bald eagle at the top of that branch.