Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4 - Ilex montana - Mountain Winterberry

When the Mountain Winterberry loses all their leaves,  this small tree is covered in bright red berries.  These red berries will be eaten by wildlife after a few frosts.  It seems that wildlife knows instinctively not to eat the berries until after several frosts.  For after the frosts, the toxic properties in the berries are no more.

    Going out on a cold early winter's day for a walk, I can feel peace in the life that surrounds me in nature.


  1. do you take your drawing pad to the tree or bring the leaf home? Either way the daily advent of arboreal clothing is a joy.

  2. Thank you for that positive comment. I take my drawing pad to the tree most of the time. Sometimes I take a photograph and then draw from my photograph.
    I love your words "daily arboreal clothing is a joy". You brighten my evening.