Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 25 - The Eastern Hemlock - Tsuga canadensis

The  Eastern Hemlock has  been used in traditional medicine for centuries for
 the high vitamin C found in its needles.


  1. How are the hemlocks in your area doing? I have seen the devastation caused by the hemlock woolly adelgid in some places and it is depressing.

  2. Our hemlocks are struggling as well. I was writing in my Blog yesterday about the Hemlock Woolly adelgid and then just took it all out. It just makes me sad. However, many trees have been lost to the adelgid. In the Smokies, they are treating the trees and they are still strong, at least the ones that are being treated. I am not sure what the treatment involves. I have seen people injecting solution into the ground surrounding the trees. I heard that it is a soap solution. In Asheville, we have some trees that are perfectly healthy and some that are dying.


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