Sunday, October 23, 2011

Festival of the Trees

My Festival of the Trees post from Mountain Home, Arkansas.
On my walk about today, I looked and breathed in all the trees.  I actually do that every day; but today I decided to find a tree to share with you,  I noticed the leaves are changing color and the walnuts are falling on the ground.  There is a special tree that is sharing it's sweet fruit with the world right now.  I hope you have all had an opportunity to experience this amazing tree.  By looking at the fruit do you know what it is?

It is the Persimmon tree.  The fruit before it ripens is very astringent.  I wanted to know what that meant, astringent.  So, I tasted a a persimmon back in June when the fruit was green.  I discovered what astringent means.  It means every single drop of moisture in your mouth is sucked out.  I had the driest mouth I ever had in my whole life.  So, today, needless to say, I was a bit skeptical to try and taste this now ripe fruit.  I have heard it said, not to eat the persimmon until they start to fall from the tree.  For, then and only then, are they ripe.  Well, today, on my walk about, there were persimmons on the ground.

So, I picked one up off the ground, with a wish that no dog came by earlier, and I felt the persimmon.  It was quite soft.  I smelled the persimmon, I did notice a sweet-like scent, that was new to me.  After touching and smelling, I decided to taste.  I bit into the soft flesh of the persimmon fruit.  I was so amazed at what I tasted.  The fruit was so sweet, like a heavenly date-like nectar.  I had to taste more.  They were all a gift from the tree.  I thanked the tree and will be sure to go back tomorrow for another taste of heaven.
May you all find a persimmon tree on just the right fall day.  

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