Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13 - Sassafras - Sassafras albidium

One of the Sassafras trees that live on the Mountain at Priddy Woods.
The Sassafras Tree in this photo is covered in the late Summer's day sun.  There are about five new Sassafras sapplings at Priddy Woods this time of year.  You can make a delicious sassafras tea from the roots of the sapplings.  Gently pull the sapling from the ground and wash the root.  Boil the root for about 20 minutes, take out the root to use another few times.  Then, enjoy the tea.  You can also make root beer by adding a little honey and chill.  I took a class in the Great Smokey Mountains with Ila Hatter.  The class was on wildcrafing; she made Sassafras tea for us.  I enjoyed the tea so very much.

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