Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15 - Mockernut Hickory - Carya tomentosa

Carya tomentosa, Mockernut Hickory

The Mockernut Hickory - Carya tomentosa -Tomentosa is latin for hairy.  The reason that called it tomentosa is due to the hairs on the leaves and stems.

This Mockernut Hickory lives in Gatlinburg at Mynatt Park near the Smokey Mountain National Park.  The leaves were just coming out when I took this photo last week.

Mockernut hickory nuts are eaten by squirrels when they are green.  Other mammals that eat the nuts and sometimes bark are black bears, foxes, rabbits, beavers, and mice.

This tree is a long living tree and can live up to 500 years.  It can grow up to 100 feet and havea  2 foot diameter.


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