Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10 - The Fringe Tree - Chionanthus virginicus

The Fringe Tree

This is the first time I have included this tree on the blog. I am including all Southern Appalachian trees for 2011 and had to change out some of the 2010 trees that do not live in the Southern Appalachians.

This Fringe Tree lives at the Asheville Botanical Gardens.

The Fringe Tree
March is quite an interesting month.  You can see by this photo that the Fringe tree is still in what I call winter mode.  It is waiting, like the oak trees, who are still holding onto their leaves.  The Red Maples are in full spring mode with incredible red flowers right now.  It is amazing how nature works with all the budding that takes place in a certain sequence enabling all the wildlife to have food and habitat all year round..  I will check back with this little Fringe tree each week and we can see how spring progresses in the life of this tree.

This is the Red Maple in all it's spring flowering glory. We can enjoy the beauty only for a few days and then a different beauty emerges, the spring leaves. Give yourself the gift of being still enough this week to watch the new spring leaves unfold.


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