Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27 - The Fraser Fir - Abies fraseri

The Fraser Fir
This tree lives at the Asheville Botanical Gardens in the woods on a quiet winding path. This tree usually grows at a higher elevation. It is doing well where it lives perhaps because it is in a cool shady wooded area.

One can always identify the Fraser Fir by its needles. They are round ended and not sharp; making them friendly to the touch. They grow in a way that reminds me of the part in a person's hair when they part their hair in the middle of their head. The needles are flat and they are fragrant. There are also two distinct white lines on the underside of each needle. I have a time seeing these lines; however, with a hand lens or microscope you can see them quite well. While looking in my microscope I found it so interesting that the fir needles are stemless. The Hemlocks and Spruce needles all have little stems connecting them to the twigs.


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