Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20 - The Black Cherry Tree - Prunus serotina

The Black Cherry Tree

This tree is identifiable in the winter by it's bark. You can see the horizontal lines on the younger branches and trunks. As the tree ages, it is said that this tree resembles burnt potato chips.

The first time I was seeking this tree to identify, it was winter and I did not know how to find this tree. So, I found the beautiful spring flowers when they came out in May and then kept watching the tree throughout the year. Then, in the winter I knew which one was the Black Cherry. I found this to be a really fun way to identify the Black Cherry. Each season this tree is incredible. The winter bark, the spring flowers, the summer fruits and fall color. So, hopefully, you can find your own Black Cherry tree in the spring and keep going back throughout the year and watch it.



  1. Hi Rebecca - the black cherry is indeed a beautiful tree. Love its contours and bark and the flowers are nothing like what I associate with cherry blossom

  2. I love identifying trees. It's like I've won a little tiny award every time I finally get one nailed.

  3. What a beautiful photo - thanks for sharing!


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