Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15 - Mockernut Hickory - Carya tomentosa

The Mockernut Hickory Tree

The Mockernut Hickory Tree

The Mockernut Hickory Tree

The Mockernut Hickory Tree
Fall is evident in this majestic Mockernut Hickory in Cookeville, Tennessee. This tree lives besides my Mother and Sister's house.  The buds are alive with light this morning; the yellow leaves are shining as the sun's light shows through the leaves. 

An October moment in Tennessee

A tall, long-branched hickory tree
A cool fall breeze
Leaves stirring on the half-covered branches
Yellow, gold, and green color drifting slowly to the ground
Swollen buds sleeping till spring
Nuts holding onto the branches
Steady trunk holding onto the earth
Strong gray bark
A crow calls
A bird chirps
Insect singing
Amazed by all I witness
How do I step away from this place with all mysteries of nature unfolding around me?



  1. rebecca, is it ok if i used one of these lovely pictures, with due credit, in the next edition of the festival of the trees ( that i will be hosting on my blog?

  2. hi rebecca... came via festival of trees...these are gorgeous photos... a lovely intro to the hickory: we don't have them... yes, the perfect place to take in the wonder.


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