Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16 - Pignut Hickory - Carya glabra

Pignut Hickory

On every walk you take, on every day, be still, listen, look around you; what can you learn from nature today? Be observant.

The Pignut Hickory nut

The Pignut Hickory Tree
The Pignut Hickory Tree Bud

Autumn is in the air, the light, the sounds, and even the smells.  The air is cooler, the light is the light of fall.  It is intense, clear and almost yellow. The sounds are of wind in the leaves, acorns falling, and insects chirping. The smell? Perhaps it is the smell of leaves going back to the earth.

How does the Pignut Hickory look in the fall as compared to the summer? to the spring? The now brown nuts are falling off the tree, the leaves are getting browner and have an older look about them.

This tree smells of Fall as it stands in the bright light of a cool September day.


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