Friday, September 17, 2010

Festival of the Trees 52

The Festival of the Trees 52 submission

The Chestnut Oak and the Wheel Bugs in September

This amazing tree complete with the wheel bugs lives right outside my window. I follow the changes of the seasons with this beautiful tree. Now that it is September, its leaves are changing. The leaves have little holes in them; and the green is darker, not the same green it was when the leaves first appeared. Acorns and insects are all over the Chestnut Oak outside my window on this bright September day.

The wheel bugs are a type of assassin beetle. The wheel bug is considered a beneficial insect because it eats harmful insects, such as sawflys, aphids and Japanese beetles. It is not a good idea to handle these bugs for they bite and the bite is said to be painful. The good news is that these bugs do not come after you. They are very slow (said to be one of slowest bugs ever) and will not bother you unless you bother them.

During late summer the Wheel bugs mate and the female will lay her eggs in the twigs of the tree. The female will lay 40-200 eggs only once. She will die soon after laying her eggs and possibly eating her mate as well. Yikes! They are known to be efficient assassins; they come complete with armor, weapon, and poison for killing their prey. Thus, the name, assassin.

and on that note,
I leave you with this post for the Festival of the Trees 52.



  1. I love wheel bugs! Thanks for drawing our attention to them for the Festival of the Trees.

  2. Very cool - I've never seen a wheel bug, though I'd really like to. (Just had to visit this site when I saw the link on Festival of the Trees; us nature-blogging Rebeccas have to stick together, and your year-long tree project is so cool!)