Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 3 - Fig Tree - Ficus carica

The Fig Tree in the Summer
The Fig Tree

The fruit of the fig tree is ready to eat twice a year, in the spring (in some parts of the world) and in the late summer or early fall. This fruit is actually the flower and seeds which grow together to make what is called the fig. Figs are one of best sources of calcium and fiber. Figs are also are rich in potassium and magnesium.

The beautiful, healthy fig tree pictured here lives in my friend, Heather's yard. She gave me some figs to eat; they were delicious.

I found a very interesting website that tracks the trees in San Francisco and reports the environmental impact the trees have on the environment. I found that there are nine of these fig trees reported on this website. Their impact is reported as follows:

817 pound reduction in carbon dioxide gas
7,451 gallons of water were conserved
1,039 kWH were conserved
and 2 pounds of air pollutants were conserved

You can find more information at:

Here is a quote that seems appropriate:
"Never does nature say one thing, and wisdom another." Juvenal, Rome

Figs my friend gave to me

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  1. Our Mom is an amazing woman. We are blessed to have the heritage of love that she and our father have given to us. Thanks for honoring her today!


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