Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8 - The Black Oak - Quercus velutina

April 8 - The Black Oak

The leaves are just coming out on the Oak trees. The last season's Oak leaves stay on the tree long into spring. Some of them hang on until the new leaves pop out on the limbs. The leaves are deeply lobed with pointed ends with sharp bristles. The buds are long, angled and hairy. The leaf scars are half round.

Did you know that 350 plus species are supported by the oak tree? Thousands of acorns are growing on the oaks where I live. Thousands - the wildlife can eat for a winter from these acorns. Another example is that 350 species of insects live in the oak trees ....these insects support the birds that live in the oak trees.

The Oak Tree is the Official National Tree of America. You can view the press release on the Arbor Day Foundation Website:



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