Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25 - Eastern Hemlock - Tsuga canadensis

Eastern Hemlock

Eastern Hemlock with Wooly Adelgid infestation

Eastern hemlock trees are some of the largest and most common trees in the Great Smoky Mountains. The Eastern hemlock can grow more than 150 feet tall with a diameter of six feet. Some hemlocks in the park are over 500 years old.

These trees are being attacked by the non-native insect, the hemlock woolly adelgid. The hemlock woolly adelgid is likely to kill most of the hemlock trees in the park unless a solution can be found.

There are great efforts taking place every day in the Smokies to stop the adelgid from killing the Hemlocks. You can learn more about this and see how you can help by going to the website:


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